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The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only proof of full-time student status accepted around the world.

In over 130 countries there are more than 5 million students each year that use their ISIC card

An ISIC card means you no longer have to struggle to prove your student status online

Use it at home, on campus, online, or wherever you travel to – ISIC opens doors to savings, discounts, and so much more

Have discounted access to everything from museums to streaming media, airline tickets to a pair of running shoes

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Eligibility and Requirements

Many schools issue ISIC cards on campus. You can also order online and receive a virtual card (all you need) with an option to receive a printed card by mail.

All full time students at accredited colleges and universities are eligible for an ISIC. Teachers and Youth 26 and under are eligible for discounts through the International Teacher ID or International Youth Travel cards.

To order, you will need to upload proof of student status (local student ID with picture, or letter from the school with another photo ID), as well a digital photo of yourself with a white or blue background. Once verified, an email will be sent with activation instructions.

If you are a full-time student, you are eligible for an ISIC!

Look at some of the discounts waiting for you as an ISIC USA member – get your card today!

ISIC is a nonprofit association that aims to make as many benefits, discounts and opportunities available to students to support them through their daily student life.