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Making the student lifestyle so much better

Brainchild of student organisations in the 1950’s and with more than 110 million cards issued, ISIC has become synonymous with making the student lifestyle so much better for its cardholders!

ISIC USA provides you access to the world’s largest student benefit network. Take the opportunity to show your company’s commitment to student customers.


Don’t miss out on reaching over 5 million students worldwide!

90% of our cardholders are enrolled in post-secondary studies

Expand Your Market
Access a dynamic market of international and local students who are actively looking for new products and services.

Introduce Your Brand
and create customers for life! Students are establishing new buying habits that last a lifetime.

Become a Trusted Partner
Join a Network of hundreds of other companies large and small who have already discovered the benefits and rewards of working with students.

Qualified & Validated

Our strong student verification process guarantees that the benefits and discounts you offer are only accessed by full-time students.

  • Each ISIC card has a unique serial number
  • All cards are registered in ISIC’s central cardholder database
  • 24/7 student status verification in real time via web services

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About ISIC

ISIC is a nonprofit organisation established in 1953. It has issued cards in more than 130 countries and is available to all students over the age of 12, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or religion. There are more than 5 million cardholders each year that have the ISIC advantage.